G Company, 8th Motor Rifle Battalion, 11th Armoured Division

Finally, after switching between ships and 28mm AWI, I have completed Major Noel Bell’s G Company, 8th Motor Rifle Battalion 11th Armoured Div. This is one of my favorite units in support of the British Armour. 160 men, 32 vehicles and 4 motorcycles. The next project for the 11th Armoured is a platoon of 6 pounders and Lloyd carriers to support G Company. The British are almost ready to take on part of my 1st SS Leibstandarte.


    • Harry
    • April 12th, 2016

    These look great! Where are the halftracks and universal carriers from? Also the command figures and motorbike riders?

    • Harry, the halftracks and carriers are from Plastic soldier company. The command figures are AB miniatures. Glad you like them. I will be updating my WW2 US soldiers soon.

    • Harry
    • July 3rd, 2016

    Also how do you base the figures?

  1. Hi Harry, I base them on 1/4 inch washers for 1/72 scale and on 5/16 washers for 28mm. Solid base with a little weight to stop them from falling over. Use 2 part epoxy to mount them. Then white or green putty to even them out. Once the figures are painted I use model railroad grass to finish them off. Cheap and very effective. Hope this helps.

    • Harry
    • July 4th, 2016

    Finally, what paints do you use for the soldiers?

    • I paint most periods so I have hundreds of paints. I use mostly acrylics but some enamels like Humbrol, Testors and White Ensign for Navy. For the British soldiers I mostly use Vallejo and Tamiya. For the British vehicle base colour I use Humbrol.

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