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Butler’s Rangers

Now that I have completed my Butler’s Rangers Company I have set up a small AWI skirmish size battle. On the British right hand flank the Butler’s Rangers have taken up positions in the woods with the guidance of a few native scouts.


On the British Left we have the 10th Regiment of foot drawn up in line with support of a 6 lb. artillery piece.

In the center, the British 15th Regt. is moving forward to take up position.

Opposite the Crown’s forces, the Continental 1st and 2nd  Pennsylvania Regiments are holding the block house and some fortifications. Although outnumbered, they have the advantage of being behind cover. The 1st Penn are holding the blockhouse on the right side of the American line while the 2nd Penn is holding the house fenced yard and redoubt on the left.

So the battle is set. For the Crown, Glory or for freedom from tyranny!

I will add more battle shots as the battle progresses.