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Sd.Kfz. 251/3 (Funkpanzerwagen)

Building, painting and collecting armies is great but in order to complete the unit you sometimes run into important vehicles or parts that are not made in the appropriate scale. I was unable to find a suitable Sd.kfz. 251/3 command vehicle for my 2 armoured infantry companies. I decided to scratch build using a couple of Revel Sd.kfz. 251/1s.

I built a small fixture so that when I made the antenna from aluminum rod they were the same size.

Simple fixture

1st King’s German Legion Hussars

The first 14

1 KGL Hussars in support of 45th Line

WW2 Russian Army

1st Guard Tank Corp

Around 1000 men

Pyrrhus of Epirus

4th Panzer Defends Kromny late 1943.

A Company from the 171st Grenadier Regt, 56th Infantry Division is supporting a battery of 88mm flak guns from the 4th Panzer Div. on the outskirts of Kromny late Oct 1943.

Infantry covering forward positions with all roads covered by the 88s.

Russian first wave moves through woods supported by Motors and Artillery

HMS Revenge and HMS Agamemnon fire on French ship of the line Bucentaure

Fire as she bears