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British hold the line

A reinforced British Brigade has been order by Wellington to defend a village to keep the the road open for supplies. The Brigade is made up of the 42nd Highland, 45th Nottinghamshire and the 3rd regiment of foot (Buffs) supported by riflemen of the 3/95th Rifles and the 52nd (light) Regiment. Attacking the village is 2 French 2 regiments (8th and 70th) of French infantry or 6 Battalions supported by 2 guns and the 4th dragoons.

The advancing French Brigade is under the Command of General de Brigade Jacques Sarrut.

The Brigade is made up of the 8th Line Regiment consisting of 3 Battalions under the command of Colonel Joseph Braun.

and the 70th Regiment of 3 Battalions commanded by Colonel Jean Dumariex

The infantry are supported by 2 X 8 pounder gun from Major Dupont’s Battery

In addition, the 4th Dragoons are eagerly awaiting any sign of weakness from the enemy.

On the opposing side is Major General James Kempt commanding the British forces. On the British left flank is the 42nd Highland (Black Watch) led by Major Maxwell Grant. .

To the right of the Highlander’s is the 45th Nottinghamshire Regiment who are also manning the building in the picture below. The 45th is commanded by Lt Col. Henry Ridewood.

Behind the 45th, in reserve is the 3rd Regiment of Foot (the Buffs) Under Lt Col. William Stewart.

On the far right is the 3rd Battalion of the 95th Rifles.

Behind the buildings is the KGL Hussars

1st of the 52nd (Oxfordshire) Regiment of Foot