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Imperial Japanese Navy

The Imperial Japanese Navy’s Combined Fleet sorties out to meet the enemy. This task force is based around the Carrier Zuikaku and the Battleship Mutsu. 1 Carrier, 1 Battleship, 2 Heavy Cruisers, 2 Light Cruisers and 8 Destroyers.

combined fleet

IJN Zuikaku


Battleship Mutsu

16.1 inch guns


Heavy Cruiser Chikuma

8 inch guns


Heavy Cruiser Myoko

8 inch guns


IJN Light Cruiser Nagara and Destroyer Division 6 (Destroyers Akatuki, Ikaduki, Hibiki and Shimakaze)


IJN Light Cruiser Jintsu and Destroyer Division 8  (Destroyers Asisio, Osio, Mitisio and Arasio)


USS Essex and escort


USS Essex CV, USS North Carolina BB, USS Baltimore CA and USS O’Bannon DD with a flight of hellcats acting as CAP.IMG_7616 IMG_7600 IMG_7613IMG_7596

HMS Titan stern

I have just added the stern onto the Titan. The next step is to mount the half and full cannons on the gun deck. Once I have mounted the 26 guns on the gun deck I will add the main deck.

HMS Titan 32 gun frigate


This is my first 28mm scale ship. I started last summer by carving the base hull out of solid wood and then building up the gundeck using balsa wood. The ship will carry 26 x 12lb  guns on the gun deck and 6 x 6 lb guns on the main deck.


DKM Bismark

Naval Forces

Collection of 1/700 scale ships