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HMS Revenge and HMS Agamemnon fire on French ship of the line Bucentaure

Fire as she bears

Imperial Japanese Navy

The Imperial Japanese Navy’s Combined Fleet sorties out to meet the enemy. This task force is based around the Carrier Zuikaku and the Battleship Mutsu. 1 Carrier, 1 Battleship, 2 Heavy Cruisers, 2 Light Cruisers and 8 Destroyers.

combined fleet

IJN Zuikaku


Battleship Mutsu

16.1 inch guns


Heavy Cruiser Chikuma

8 inch guns


Heavy Cruiser Myoko

8 inch guns


IJN Light Cruiser Nagara and Destroyer Division 6 (Destroyers Akatuki, Ikaduki, Hibiki and Shimakaze)


IJN Light Cruiser Jintsu and Destroyer Division 8  (Destroyers Asisio, Osio, Mitisio and Arasio)


USS Essex and escort


USS Essex CV, USS North Carolina BB, USS Baltimore CA and USS O’Bannon DD with a flight of hellcats acting as CAP.IMG_7616 IMG_7600 IMG_7613IMG_7596

HMS Titan stern

Moving along

I have just added the stern onto the Titan. The next step is to mount the half and full cannons on the gun deck. Once I have mounted the 26 guns on the gun deck I will add the main deck.

HMS Titan 32 gun frigate


This is my first 28mm scale ship. I started last summer by carving the base hull out of solid wood and then building up the gundeck using balsa wood. The ship will carry 26 x 12lb  guns on the gun deck and 6 x 6 lb guns on the main deck.


DKM Bismark

Naval Forces

Collection of 1/700 scale ships