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WW2 Russian Army

1st Guard Tank Corp

Around 1000 men

4th Panzer Defends Kromny late 1943.

A Company from the 171st Grenadier Regt, 56th Infantry Division is supporting a battery of 88mm flak guns from the 4th Panzer Div. on the outskirts of Kromny late Oct 1943.

Infantry covering forward positions with all roads covered by the 88s.

Russian first wave moves through woods supported by Motors and Artillery

4th US Armored Division

Well it took a little bit longer to finish the remaining troops and vehicles of the WW2 US 4th Arm. Div. than I anticipated. Now that they are done, I can finally start the offensive against the German SS holding the town. My American Army consists of 2 company size combat commands with support elements.


Tank Companies

The Tank strength of the division is 37 medium tanks (Sherman), 13 light and 11 Tank Destroyers for a total of 61.


Like the German army, there is a mix of tanks and weapons that span over a couple of years to be able to play different battles and to reflect a realistic attrition. Out of all the tanks and vehicles in this army my favourite are the M36 and M10 tank destroyers from Eduard despite some historical inaccuracies. When this army was started several years ago, there wasn’t the selection available today.

Armored Infantry Companies.


The two armored Infantry Companies have 254 men each in their ranks. Even though the organization is complete  most of the soldiers are plastic from multiple manufacturers. As time and new products become available I am slowly starting to replace those with metal figures such as AB miniatures. For example, my next project with these companies is to replace the current platoon mortar squad with the correct 60mm mortars and move the 81mm mortars to HQ.

Artillery, HQ and Support

As you can see from the pictures below, I do have a small sampling of 105mm M7 Priests and 155mm Long Tom artillery pieces. Even though I enjoy building the artillery I usually do not collect full units because of the pieces being off table during a battle.


The next picture shows an orders group with the commanding officers of Combat Command A and B with the General and some staff.


Finally the angle of the picture below shows a Medics jeep, Military Police and recovery vehicles.


The Battle

Now that the pictures have been taken it is time to start using the troops. The units will be shelved until they are called upon in the battle. Most of the area where the Armored infantry are displayed above will be replaced with trees with a gap going down the main road. These 2 scaled down Combat Commands will be tasked with pushing the Germans out of the town. The Germans have a motorized Panzer Grenadier company in the town with the support of armor and artillery. Even though the US Army has a 3 to 1 advantage in men and armor it is going to be a tough fight. I will be taken some pictures as the battle progresses so stay tuned.

1st SS Panzer Division on parade.

Finally got around to working on and taking pictures of my 1/72 scale German Army. I started the 1st SS Panzer Division about 10 years ago and have had several games with them but never got around to taking pictures. To start with it is a fair size unit and is equivalent to about two panzer companies and two panzer grenadier companies with support. The weapons range over 1943 to late 1944 to allow for different battles.


Division Stab


Individual units include: 1st SS Aufklärungs-Abteilung “LSSAH”


schwere Panzer-Kompanie


Panzer-Regiment 1,

I.Abteilung (Panthers), 2.Kompanie


II.Abteilung Pzr. IVs, 6th Kompanie


Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung, 2.Batterie


SS-Grenadier-Regiment 1

I.Bataillon (Mot), 6th Kompanie


SS-Grenadier-Regiment 2

III.Bataillion (Gep). 11th Kompanie




Artillerie-Regiment 1 “LSSAH”





G Company, 8th Motor Rifle Battalion, 11th Armoured Division

Finally, after switching between ships and 28mm AWI, I have completed Major Noel Bell’s G Company, 8th Motor Rifle Battalion 11th Armoured Div. This is one of my favorite units in support of the British Armour. 160 men, 32 vehicles and 4 motorcycles. The next project for the 11th Armoured is a platoon of 6 pounders and Lloyd carriers to support G Company. The British are almost ready to take on part of my 1st SS Leibstandarte.


British WW2 11th Arm. Div

Regiments of the 11th Armoured Div.

Each unit is represented by a squadron or company strength. Coming soon Maj. Noel Bell OC G Coy 8th RB motor Regt.

23rd Hussar B Squadron

23rd Hussars123rd Hussars2


2nd Northamptonshire  Regt. (Armoured Recon Regt)

2nd North2nd North12nd North22nd North32nd North42nd North5

3rd Monmouthshire Regt. B coy plus 3 X QLT 11th Arm divisional transport.

IMG_6730IMG_6733IMG_6720 (2)B Coy 3rd MMS

American Infantry

250 men

B Coy, 51st Arm Infantry Batt. 4th Arm. Div. Unit complete with 250 men and 29 vehicles.  A Coy is 95% complete and will be posted once the HQ support section is complete.

B Coy HQ

1st Platoon

2nd Platoon

3rd Platoon

A/T Platoon

Coy HQ Platoon