1st SS Panzer Division on parade.

Finally got around to working on and taking pictures of my 1/72 scale German Army. I started the 1st SS Panzer Division about 10 years ago and have had several games with them but never got around to taking pictures. To start with it is a fair size unit and is equivalent to about two panzer companies and two panzer grenadier companies with support. The weapons range over 1943 to late 1944 to allow for different battles.


Division Stab


Individual units include: 1st SS Aufklärungs-Abteilung “LSSAH”


schwere Panzer-Kompanie


Panzer-Regiment 1,

I.Abteilung (Panthers), 2.Kompanie


II.Abteilung Pzr. IVs, 6th Kompanie


Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung, 2.Batterie


SS-Grenadier-Regiment 1

I.Bataillon (Mot), 6th Kompanie


SS-Grenadier-Regiment 2

III.Bataillion (Gep). 11th Kompanie




Artillerie-Regiment 1 “LSSAH”





Imperial Japanese Navy

The Imperial Japanese Navy’s Combined Fleet sorties out to meet the enemy. This task force is based around the Carrier Zuikaku and the Battleship Mutsu. 1 Carrier, 1 Battleship, 2 Heavy Cruisers, 2 Light Cruisers and 8 Destroyers.

combined fleet

IJN Zuikaku


Battleship Mutsu

16.1 inch guns


Heavy Cruiser Chikuma

8 inch guns


Heavy Cruiser Myoko

8 inch guns


IJN Light Cruiser Nagara and Destroyer Division 6 (Destroyers Akatuki, Ikaduki, Hibiki and Shimakaze)


IJN Light Cruiser Jintsu and Destroyer Division 8  (Destroyers Asisio, Osio, Mitisio and Arasio)


Capt. Jacob Ashmead’s 2nd Pennsylvania Regt.

A holiday well spent on working on my AWI army with the addition of Capt. Jacob Ashmead’s Company (46 men) of the 2nd Pennsylvania Regt. Also Col. Thomas Hartley makes his appearance as the Brigade commander of the 1st Pennsylvania Brigade which includes the 1st Penn., 2nd Penn. and Hartley’s own additional Continental Regt. which will be started soon.




2nd Penn

G Company, 8th Motor Rifle Battalion, 11th Armoured Division

Finally, after switching between ships and 28mm AWI, I have completed Major Noel Bell’s G Company, 8th Motor Rifle Battalion 11th Armoured Div. This is one of my favorite units in support of the British Armour. 160 men, 32 vehicles and 4 motorcycles. The next project for the 11th Armoured is a platoon of 6 pounders and Lloyd carriers to support G Company. The British are almost ready to take on part of my 1st SS Leibstandarte.


1st Continental (Penn) vs 10th Regt of Foot


Captain James Parr’s Company of the 1st Continental Regt. defends the hill against Captain Robert Davies’ Company of the 10th Foot (North Lincolnshire).

Captain Davies shouts, “Give them a volley then give them the bayonet!”.



USS Essex and escort


USS Essex CV, USS North Carolina BB, USS Baltimore CA and USS O’Bannon DD with a flight of hellcats acting as CAP.IMG_7616 IMG_7600 IMG_7613IMG_7596

British WW2 11th Arm. Div

Regiments of the 11th Armoured Div.

Each unit is represented by a squadron or company strength. Coming soon Maj. Noel Bell OC G Coy 8th RB motor Regt.

23rd Hussar B Squadron

23rd Hussars123rd Hussars2


2nd Northamptonshire  Regt. (Armoured Recon Regt)

2nd North2nd North12nd North22nd North32nd North42nd North5

3rd Monmouthshire Regt. B coy plus 3 X QLT 11th Arm divisional transport.

IMG_6730IMG_6733IMG_6720 (2)B Coy 3rd MMS

Airfix QLD & QLT Review

The choice

I first noticed this truck set by Airfix while picking up some paint at my local hobby shop. At first glance I had images of old Airfix models that I had built in my childhood and that have been in production for many years. Typically I only buy Airfix kits for soft skin vehicles that are not made by other manufacturers. In other words, in my armies they are generally a cheaper fill in to complete a unit. Let’s face it, an armoured division has to be mobile right? Yes but at what cost? A transport and resupply truck isn’t exactly the star of the battlefield. Last year I purchased several of the IBG Models QLDs, QLTs and other trucks made in Poland. These are great kits in huge, virtually empty boxes at a price that leaves your wallet gasping for air. With this in mind I looked at a few internet sites that have more details of the Airfix Kit and thought I would take a chance.


Note the two large IBG boxes in the back each with one vehicle versus the Airfix box with two vehicles inside.

Inside the box


The first thing you notice about the Airfix kit is the quantity of parts and level of detail. There is very little flash and the parts fit together very well. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. It only took me about 3 hours to make each of the two trucks in the kit. They were a pleasure to build without too many fiddly parts like the IBG models.


Airfix (on the left) IBG (on the right)


Although the Airfix trucks are slightly smaller, being 1/76 scale versus the IBG trucks at 1/72, the size difference it is not significant enough to outweigh the cost and detail of the Airfix versions. The size difference would be only noticeable if you mix both IBG and Airfix in the same unit. Overall the Airfix set is a welcome addition to the soft skin vehicles in 20mm and at least a viable option to the more expensive IBG trucks. Now when is someone going to come out with a Bedford MWD GS 4×2 15cwt truck in 1/72 or 1/76?

AWI British

1st company of Hatmen of the 10th Regiment of Foot. These are a combination of Perry Miniature British Plastic and Wargame Foundry. The 1st company has 1 Capt., 1 LT, 1 drummer, 3 Sgts and 42 men.




Republican Rome

Roman Principes

Samnite Infantry